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Jan. 18, 2022

Episode #172 - Milestones

Episode #172 -  Milestones

The new year brings continued business momentum, along with a full decade of data on which to measure it, as the Fastener Distributor Index marks its first full decade. Fastenal CFO, Holden Lewis returns to reflect on his role in the creation of the popular industry benchmark (20:36). 2022 also brings continued challenges, and Würth Revcar CEO Chapman Revercomb sees supply chain transparency as a major key to meeting them (1:32:36). On the Fastener News Report, industry newsman Mike McNulty welcomes Abbott-Interfast president Bob “GQ” Baer to review the latest FDI numbers (46:54). Is your zinc plating RoHS compliant? Carmen Vertullo explains what to know during the Fastener Training Minute (1:21:04). PLUS: Exciting details of upcoming industry events you can get in on now! Brian and Eric brush off some peculiar emulation and make serious plans to take some fastener folks fishing. Run time: 02:11:51