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Dec. 15, 2022

Episode #183 - Down Hill

Episode #183 - Down Hill

Like a bobsled down a frozen precipice, the fastener industry streaks to the close of another blazing fast year. Fresh off the slopes, Mr. Charlie Kerr of Kerr Lakeside discovers a vexing industry development, and shares his approach to achieving top speed on skis (1:39:54). 

Metric supplier Eurolink finishes the year with new beginnings, as CEO Craig Penland finds ways to expand during periods of upheaval (17:20). 

The FDI changes direction as strong sales push a new rally, but will it last?  Senior news editor Mike McNulty welcomes AFC Industries VP of Sales John Kovatch to the Fastener News Report to discuss the unexpected uptick (56:46).

On the Fastener Training Minute, Carmen Vertullo teaches the fine art of monel passivation (1:26:28). BONUS: Scanwell Logistics analyst Chris Donnell explains why the train strike issue may still be an up hill battle (52:22). 

Brian and Eric strive for seasonal jolliness even as all runs show black diamonds. Run time:  2:34:11